Small group training classes offer you an affordable way to  measures and develops your will power on being active and  controling your nutritional cravings. You will feel motivated to workout on your own time and to eat healthy at home. Our trainers use their expertise to incorporate a variety of simple body weight exercises into  your routines with little to no  equipment and allow time to teach you quick ways to stay on track with your nutrition. Classes are held at l’Ecole du Sommet in Halifax. Your first class is on us! Sign up today.

Aqua Group Training Class are coming soon!


Neuro Sprint Agency make working out as easy as possible for you by bringing the gym to you. No more excuses! You can exercise with one of our personal trainers when it is convenient for you, in the privacy of your own home. All you need is some floor space in your home and about an hour of your time. We will help you reach your personal fitness goals by working with you to develop your customized fitness plan using body weight exercises, some of your own fitness equipment (if applicable) and what you have around the house to ensure that you get in shape as quickly as possible without stress.Contact us today to book your free in-home consultation and get your fitness plan back on track!


* What's The Neuro Linguistic Programming?

The Neuro Linguistic  Programming is the best holistic approach that strength your will power by  combining physical exercises and nutritional follow up. This personalized fitness service helps  you increase your will power to achieve your  short term fitness objectives and focus on your positives mind set to stay motivated in order to reach your long term fitness goals.

How does it work?

 Our NLP technique will measure your will power and teach you ways to develop it toward your fitness activities and nutritional goals. Our approach will install a sens of  accomplishment and pride  into you that will make  you feel motivated to workout on your own time and naturally control your nutritional cravings.

Who's it for?

If you’re seeking for a fitness service that will physically and mentally train you to achieve your fitness and nutritional goals on your own with the knowledge gain from working with Neuro Sprint Agency, make an appointment today and receive 3 free sessions.  You'll love it!!!



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"I love working out with Neuro sprint Agency because I feel that my trainer is looking up for my best interest. She lets me know how my body works and if something hurt or I have a discomfort, she'll treat it right away while giving me information that I can refer to my doctor or my others health professional. "

Margaret Thomas