Charline J. Thornton is  CEO and founder of Neuro Sprint Agency with 10 years experience in Fitness, Weight Training Sport and Injuries in Canada.

  • Certified Personal Trainer in Post Rehabilitation Injury and Surgery
  • Bilingual Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Nutrition Specialist
  • Mobile Fitness and Coach
  • Member of Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC)
  • In Home Personal Training, Mobile  Personal Training and Nutrition support

Specialized in Fitness Motivation Weight/ Fat loss

Personalized Programming
Post Natal Fitness (new)
Post Injury Rehabilitation
In Home Personal Training

 Recovering from an injury or keeping weight off requires more time than what most people think specially after giving birth. Mrs Thornton has realized that injuries and lack of time are the key factors that lead people to give up their fun activities. It’s easy to keep up with your favorite sport and to enjoy your life without physical pain or a new born.

 As In Home personal trainer specialist, she will work with you if you want to loss weight,  have post injury or if you have little or no time to workout. Charline personalizes fitness program,  restores back muscles, frozen shoulder strength and help you keep the weight off with her trendy nutritional follow up based on the neuro linguistic approach. 

Being healthy requires time and your  busy lifestyle pushes you away from working out. Charline’s holistic approach helps clients like you to reactivate their muscle memories with safe home gym routine, increase their self-confidence by learning how to stay on top of their nutrition with healthy eating recommendations designed for their body type  and install  a sens of accomplishment and pride by motivated them to train independently.  

As a young female running her own business, Charline’s vision is to reeducate client to no longer need personal trainer and achieve their fitness goal on their own with the knowledge gain from working with Neuro Sprint Agency. She serves client in French and English, she meets them at their convenience and privacy of their own home with all kind of home gym equipment.

Charline offers an innovative gym plan that combines joy, safety and exercises. In 2010, she won an award for best innovative new business idea in Montreal that she ran for four years.  When she moved to Nova Scotia, she worked for Goodlife Fitness Club and she was top trainer of her club for 2 months in row.    Her unique fitness workout has been recognized as the best valuable contribution to the mission of The African Diaspora Association of Maritimes in 2015

Charline J. Thorntonest  la directrice et fondatrice de Neuro Sprint Agency. Celle-ci a plus de 10 ans d'experience dans le Conditionnement Sportif, Altherophilie et la Reeducation Physique au Canada. 

  • Certification d'Entraineure Sportive en Altherophilie  et en Reeducation physique
  •  Praticienne Billingue en Programme Neuro Linguistic
  • Specialiste en Nutrition
  • Coach de Mise en Forme  et Mobilite
  • Entraineure Sportive a domicile Mobile et Support Nutritionnel
  • Membre de la Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC)

Specialise en Programme de Motivation de Mise en Forme et de Perte de Poids/ Gras
Programme Personnalise
Post Natal Fitness (new)
Post Accident/ Operation Reeducation Physique
Entrainement Sportif a Domicile

"Neuro Sprint Agency is the best innovative fitness service for Africans Nova Scotians" 

-MLP Tony Ince

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